Gitlab in Production – Part 2: Design Goals

Welcome to part 2 of my Gitlab in Production series where I’ll guide you through the process of getting Gitlab set up yourself.

These are my design goals:


  • run Gitlab CE on-premise
  • server-side OS is Linux
  • client-side OS is Windows
  • create basic operating manual for my team (git & gitlab)
  • hardening (even though the server is not going to be exposed to the internet it should be secured appropriately)
  • using gitlab should be as easy and accessible as possible (we have a number of mouse jockeys on our team, go figure :/ )
  • document Gitlab upgrade procedure
  • create required documentation (network diagram, recovery scenarios, etc.)


  • create concept for Gitlab CI (Continuous Integration) which is included since version 8
  • use Gitlab CI to run test and build tasks for our projects

As you can see these requirements are not out of the ordinary. Implementation should be a breeze but as always you’ll see that things can be more complicated than you thought.

Stay tuned for part 3 where I cover the Linux setup and basic hardening steps.


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