Upcoming Blog posts

Continuation of Gitlab series

  • Finishing touches and explanations of security measures for server hardening part
  • Gitlab configuration recommendations (projects/users/groups)
  • Gitlab feature overview – development vs master branches, issues, milestones
  • Gitlab CI – Basics (gitlab-ci.yml file 101, runner setup/registration)

DSC Series

  • DSC Configuration Change Management Workflow
  • DSC Pull Server in Production
  • Gitlab CI – PowerShell integration (psake, PSScriptAnalyzer, Pester, Signing)
  • Gitlab CI – DSC – putting it all together (apply DSC Configuration changes if all tests pass)

PKI Series

  • Setting up a 2-tier multi Sub CA PKI with DSC
  • PKI Best Practices and documentation via PowerShell

2 thoughts on “Upcoming Blog posts

  1. I would really really like to see this content.

    This is the stuff I do every day and some more blog posts on it would be amazing. The topics you have listed here are the missing pieces to my DSC woes

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